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Owner: @TheJoseLito

Photographer: @SinCity_Crook (Crooks Life)

Jose has built one bad ass Ruckus. With its 180cc GYC motor he can almost hit 80 mph cruising the streets of Sin City. It all started 3 years ago when he bought his first Ruckus and fell in love. From one stop to another, he use to rome the city until he ran into the Ruckus Bandit. He was at LVAC one day when he came outside to discover his ruckus has been stolen. He didn't have it locked up at the time, thinking that no one would mess with it. After that unfortunate event, he decided to spice things up this time around. From its custom paint all the way to its Ban Jing racing clutch cover, this is one truly amazing build to see.

Spec List: 
Dorby Works GY6 stretch
Dorby Works built 180cc GY6 motor
Dorby Works CVT cover
NCY performance clutch
NCY Variator
NCY 16g sliders
NCY 1500 contra spring
NCY yellow clutch springs
NCY drive face
NCY Oil Cooler
Ban Jing racing clutch cover
Stage 5 30mm racing carburetor
K&N air filter
Mikuni fuel pump
Ruckshop high speed gear set
Two Brothers Racing "Black series" Carbon Fiber exhaust with custom header

-Wheels & Suspension-
Dorby Works "Love" Mesh wheel (12x4 -Front)
Dorby Works "Love" Mesh wheel (12x8 -Rear)
Michelin Power 140/70-12 tire (rear)
Kenda k433 100/60-12 (front)
RRGS LowDown forks & disk brake
ATR Lowboy rear shock
NCY triple tree

DORF seat frame
NCY gas tank cover
Password JDM gas cap
Password JDM R6 taillight
Password JDM foot pegs
Password JDM drag bars
Password JDM washers
FLP frame splitter
FLP kickstand
Ridged Industries 6 inch light
BSC Rear View mirror
Devious Designs Custom paint
House of Color Tangelo
House of Color Snow White Pearl


@SinCity_Crook (Crooks Life)


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