Joe "backyard" Schneider Honda Civic EK


It was a huge chalenge for Joe and his team to finish the car in 2 weeks, just in time for the annual Eibach meet in 2011. Joe needed to sell one of his cars to get the founds for this project. As his team was building the engine, Joe`s friends came over to do the artwork, which was a bit tricky. The weather outside was cold and the paint wasnt drying. They were forced to use heat guns to speed the process. But at the end they manage to finish in 5 days time. " It has been a wonderful journey landing the cover of S3 Magazine and Fast Car Magazine" says Joe "The love we recived from various websites and photographers is overwhelming. All the people i meet during this journey could`nt been greatest. I look forward to meeting more of you as we continue to build cars. If you are interested in the cars or in our team cars we can be found on the various websites" Well done Guys, well worth your blood, sweat and tears. Backyards Honda Civic Hatch looks stunning.


Custom daisy yellow paint
Spoon duckbill wing
Mugen style carbon fiber fornt lip
Fog lights
CTR rear lip
Benen Rear tow hook.
Spoon style carbon fiber mirrors
4 door Ek grill
Rear Fog light
Password Jdm Side Markers

Skunk 2 Pro Series front camber kit
Skunk 2 rear camber kit
Skunk 2 Pro S2 coilovers
Skunk 2 Rear LCA's
Skunk 2 Rear LCA dress up hardware
Skunk 2 rear Lower arm Bar
Mircale X Bar

NRG buckets seats Custom Painted with Graffiti
Corbeau 4 point Harnesses
Miracle X bar
Sparco Steering wheel
Nrg quick release
Skunk 2 shift knob
Sony head unit and speakers

Mild port & polish
OBX Individual throttle bodies
Kidd Racing header
Supertech valve springs
Supertech retainers
Skunk 2 tuner camshaft
Skunk 2 Pro series cam gear
Skunk 2 high compression valves
Skunk 2 oil cap
Skunk 2 VTEC solenoid cover
Skunk 2 radiator cap
Rywire harness
Golden Eagle distribution block
Skunk 2 radiator hoses
Act stage 2 clutch
Innovative motor mounts
Rc Injectors
Hondata S300
The bay has been saved and tucked
Downstar/Bolt Boys Hardware
Downstar/Bolt Boys clutch line

16x7 Klutch SL1
Falken Ziex ZE912 205/40/15

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