Team Hybrid Civic EG6

Car Owner: Brian Camacho (@ImportDJ)
Photos by: Crooks Life (@SinCity_Crook - @Shay_na)
Club: Team Hybrid
Brian immediately started tearing apart the car and started working 
with JSFAB. They started designing a full roll cage for the civic.
There main concern was to make sure they where able to keep full interior
and still have a fully functional roll cage. The cage was fittd with
gusset plates on the A and B pillar bars, door bars and engine bay.
Engine bay was mildly shaved and a few plates were used to make
for a cleaner look.
Brian started collecting real jdm parts that are getting harder aquire. 
He found a Backyard special rear wing and 15in Sprint Hart Cpr's in 4x114.
As Brian collected other parts for the car. Things were looking very well.
After He chose the color for the car, an extra amount of gold pearl was
added to the paint. When the car was painted,Biran was less than two months
for His debut. He worked day and night getting the car together and all
the finishing touches. He kept the plans of being able to show and race the
car at any given time.
Brian fitted the entire underside with Energy suspension bushings, ETD 
traction bar and Gsr Lsd transmission with GearSpeed Carbon Synchros.
He was able to find Koni Yellow adjustable shocks with Ground Control
coilovers and 96 JDM spec 4x114.3 ITR brake conversion. With all this
done, the car was ready to roll. He installed an H22a1 long block, Port
and polished head with supertech valvetrain, QSD H2b kit and
Innovative billet mounts with upgraded 85a race bushings. With the
car all finished and detailed I was ready for my first event.
Brians first debut was at the May 2013 IFO Las Vegas with Team Hybrid. 
With two weeks in between He prepped for His second event which was at
the 2013 Eibach meet in Lake Elsinore, California. "This was a great
first Socal event with the car" said Brian. His next plan was to head back the
following week for WekFest LA 2013. Within that week he was able
to upgrade to an AEM cold air intake and a Mishimoto radiator fan
shroud kit. Brian was glad to be able to represent my current sponsors
and His team at a major show in Socal. This was only the calm before
storm ;)
-Lemon Quartz Gold Pearl
-OEM rear Mudguards
-OEM window visors
-OEM JDM thin side moldings
-OEM JDM headlights
-Vision clear corners
-APR side mirrors
-Backyard Special Carbon rear wing
-Seibon Carbon Trunk
-Wings west sideskirts
-BYS style front lip
-Shaved antenna hole
-4dr civic door-handles
-Widened front fenders
-Custom 8 point cage by JSFAB with A and B pillar bar
and door bar gusset plates/
Modified cage to fit full interior
-Bride low max Gias reclinable with gradiation pads
-Takata seat harnesses
-ukdm eg vti cluster
-JDM Type-r Steering wheel
-JDM coin pocket
-Password:JDM shift knob
-JDM armrest
-JDM amber clock
-H22a1 block
-JDM H22 head done by Baker Cylinder Heads
-Stage 3 port and polish
-Supertech Valves , valvesprings, and retainers
-JDM h22 cams
-AEM Cold Air Intake Polished Part# 21-412P
-ARP headstuds
-Bdl Fuel rail
-Bdl External fuel pressure regulator
-DSM 450cc injectors
-Aluminum Radiator
-Mishimoto Fan Shroud Part#MMFS-CIV-92
-Custom Shaved engine bay with gusset plates
-custom steel braided fuel lines
-Custom wire tuck, battery relocation
-Custom Steel Braided clutch line
-Custom White with gold flake valve cover
-Polished distributor
-Password:JDM Purple radiator bracket
-Password:JDM Fender washers
-Password:JDM Purple valve cover washers
-Password:JDM Purple cam cap washers
-Password:JDM Purple Spark Plug cover washers
-Password:JDM Purple Vtec solenoid washers
-Password:JDM Purple Distributor washers
-Password:JDM Purple Vtec Solenoid Cover
-Password:JDM Purple Oil Cap
-Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Cooling plate
-Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover
-Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Distributor Cover
-walbro 255 fuel pump
-Skunk2 Pro series 70mm throttle body
-QSD h2b kit
-QSD alternator relocation bracket
-GSR LSD transmission with Gearspeed carbon synchros
-Competition clutch stage 4 clutch
-Competition clutch 12lb flywheel
-Fluidampr Harmonic balancer crank pulley
-Polished Innovative motor mounts with 85a inserts
-JDM type-r gold shift linkage
-Skunk2 short Shifter
-Hondata s300
-Sprint Hart CPR
-BFGoodrich Tires sport comp-2 #49667 195/50r15
-Type-r 4x114 conversion
-Koni Yellow struts with ground control coilovers
-Skunk2 tie bar
-Password:JDM Purple Lug nuts
-Full energy suspension bushing master kit
-ETD racing Traction Bar
-Skunk2 camber kit
-Rywire/wilwood Brake master kit
-Full Brake tuck
-Steel braided brake lines

Full Build thread Available at:
or Google “Team Hybrid EG” for more information on my build
Action Clutch
AEM Induction
Crooks Life Shots
Meguiars Car Care


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