Alex Reyes 1996 Civic DX build

OMG!!! Yes that was my reaction to Alex Reyes as he finalized his final touches on his 1996 Honda DX.

As a fellow friend of Alex and 52 Squad member, I saw how the build was coming along. For those of you that dont know, this build took more than a year to to finaly get back on the streets.

From alot of set backs, like the painter leaving the car in a bad shape to parts not coming in, this car in my opinion should of been done in a matter of months, but hey the wait is over and at the end it was all well worth it. Alex gave me a chance to drive it around and I have to say WOW, this thing drives amazing. The sound of the engine is something else compared to all the other DOHC engines I have driven. Point is, this thing is awesome and fun to drive. From a far you can see the shiny blue raspberry metallic paint.

Once next to it, you can see the BBS RS dipped in copper. Also the most noticeable thing about the car is the gutted interior with the custome roll cage by City Garage.The Recaro seats with Takata harness also viewable.

From the back view a rare Osaka Jdm Wing can be seen, with the polished Function 7 lower control arms and Function 7 subframe. During the months of Alex working on his car he was releasing pictures on Instagram.

Most of you guys got a glimpse of his engine, which was complety redone. So many thing were done to it that I will just point out the important ones out. The copper Valve cover gives it a clean and new look. The triple chrome Skunk2 intake manifold really does put the cherry on top, making it one of a kind. The Skunk2 Mega power header can also be seen. The Rywire tuck engine harness just completes the whole engine.

Overall the build just comes all together very well. Im excited to see what else has planned for this car as he say hes not fisniehed yet. Thank you all for looking, down below is the list of mods that includes almost eveything Alex did to his car.

Any question or comments are more than welcome @52s_alex_ek4 


Wheels and Suspension
Skunk2 Pro Series 2 Coilovers 
15x8.5 BBS RS wheels Copper Dipped Face and Waffles Chrome plated lips and hex nut 
Skunk2 front and Rear camber Kits 
Function 7 rear Subframe Function 7 rear lower control arms


ITR Recaro Seats /Takata harness
City Garage Custom roll cage
Ek4 cluster Ek4 center console
Ek9 arm rest delete
Ek9 airbag delete
Nrg hub and release Personal Steering wheelbox 

Skunk2 intake manifold
Skunk2 pro series throttle body
Skunk2 vtec solenoid and cover
Skunk2 radiator
Skunk2 radiator hoses
Skunk2 front strut bar
Skunk2 cam seal
Skunk2 fuel rail
Skunk2 oil cap
Skunk2 mega power header
Skunk2 catback exhaust
Skunk2 fender washers
Skunk2 spark plug wire cover
Skunk2 low profile valve cover kit
Rywire Tuck engine Harness
Rywire proportional valve relocation
Rywire ground kit
Rywire coolant reservoir
Downstar tuckin fuel kit
Downstar engine bolt kit
Downstar trans bolt kit
Downstar spikes
Goautoworks cold air intake


Blue raspberry metallic paint
J's Racing fenders
Osaka jdm Wing 
Ek4 front and rear bumpers 
Ek4 headlights 
Ek4 front lip 
Apr side mirrors


photos and words by luis ibarra @s2k_kid


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