@S2BOOST 2003 HONDA S2000

Words and photos by Luis Ibaarra @S2K_KID

I have always loved Hondas s2000, it has been and still is a dream car to the Honda 
A while back during a meet at Auto Club Speed way, I came across this gray supercharged s2k.
That's when I used to showcase my s2k and I was looking for ideas for my next build. 
Any who, it was sitting perfect on some TE37 not slammed but just low enough to make it 
look good. 
I thought to my self wow! This is some nice looking s2000. 
After the meet I searched through Instagram to see if I can find the owner. 
None the less I found him and started following him. I would see how he progressed on the 
So I had my eye on this car for a while now. Just a few weeks ago was when I saw that he 
waschanging his color paint on the car. 
I thought to my self their is something good coming lol. Weeks passed by and he started 
teasing the color and other things he had added on. 
The finished product was just amazing I had to get in contact on doing this feature for 
Jdmgram. We got time and location and to be honest it had to be one of my top photoshoot 
session ever. 
The scene was just amazing. Arriving to the set was I got a chance to 
actually the car. The whole interior is well done, not a lot of people can pull off the 6 
point cage specially cutting through the dash. The perfect wheel combo with the spoon mono
block calipers are just a match made in heaven. The authentic J's Racing diffuser, fenders 
are just something to check out. Also the vortex rear overlay fenders made the car look very
Overall this car is very well built. Something any s2k owner can actually admire and give
the thumbs up. After the shoot was done he invited me and sister for some lunch but we had 
to head out but we still up for it lol. Please make sure to so follow this awesome build
@s2boost show him some love. As always thanks for the support for us and Jdmgram. 

js racing fenders, js racing carbon fiber rear diffuser, 
chargespeed carbon fiber side diffuser, mugen front lip, vis carbon fiber hardtop, 
Apr frontcanards,voltex rear flares 



vortechsupercharger, 1000 cc dynamic injectors, dual hks hi-power exhaust,
berk test pipe, aem series 2 ecu, koyorad radiator, walbro fuel pump,
js racing carbon fiber radiator cover, apr spark plug cover, ballade blue valve cover,

volks te37sl black edition front 18-9.5 18-10.5 rear 22 offset all around.
Falken tires 


Spoon Mono Block calipers 


Buddy Club N1 
Cusco 6pt thru dash roll cage, 4pt takata racing harness, bride low max bucket seats, 
works bell short hub, works bell quick release, js racing deep corn steering wheel, 



Sony  double din, diamond front speakers and 4 tweeters- focal 1 set tweeters,
Jl-audio w7 12 inch woofer, 2 jl-audio amplifiers, 



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