Mannix Motors Mugen RR

Mannix Motors, ltd edition Mugen RR N003 in the world

Whenever Honda and Mugen work together to create a special line up for all you die

Hard JDM Honda fans, they never fail to disappoint. The Honda civic FD2 Mugen RR

didn’t fall shy of amazement for all civic type R fans around the world.

When released all 300 on the run were sold in just 10 minutes to the Japanese

Domestic market only. The first 2 N001 and N002 you cannot buy as they were given

as a gift to the CEO of Mugen racing and Director of Honda Japan.

Mugen is well known for offering tuning and styling parts for Hondas, but everything 

on the RR is unique and will not be on sale separately. Take a chunk out of one of the

18in, seven-spoke forged alloy wheels and you’ll have to prove you own an RR to get

another. Ditto the restyled front and rear bumper aprons, which are fashioned from

carbon-fibre, the vented bonnet in aluminium and the new rear spoiler, also carbon,

with additional Gurney flap.

Spec list 

The engine is rated 240 PS (180 kW; 240 HP) at 8,000 rpm and 218 N·m (161 lb·ft)

torque at 7,000 rpm. Achieved with Mugen parts such as camshafts, exhaust system

and ECU. Handling is equipped with Mugen dampers. Other exclusive items that

make this a collector's item are Recaro SP-X seats and other Mugen items inside

while special 18 inch Mugen 7-spoke wheels come equipped as standard.

When I went back to Hong Kong for Chinese New Years I met up with Mannix Motors 

owner, through my cousin. I did a quick photo shoot at a secret location in Yuen


This particular Mugen FD2 RR is N003 in the world, the whole car is OEM apart from

the upgraded Full carbon Mugen RR bumper purchased at 40000 HKD

So here I share with you all around the world up close and personal with

Mannix Motors Mugen RR


Words and photo’s Ben Chan from @chansphotography on Instagram and Facebook


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