Car Culture in the UK has is very much influenced by Japan and America. The car 
shows out there are just phenomenal with the likes of Sema held in vegas every 
year and likes of Tokyo auto salon in Japan every winter. 


Europe is slowly catching on with the more prestigious shows. 100% tuning 
in Rotterdam last month has come on immensely with a lot of UK car enthusiast 
making the trip to attend. 

Mimm’s known well known in association with many Honda enthusiast in the
UK and probably Europe now, began its roots as small car meet held at service
station at South Mimms London for like minded Honda tuners, many years ago
through small beginnings, DAV from EHM parts, based in London never knew it
would hit off so big and have such a major fan base, with people coming down
from all over the country as north as Scotland and some parts of Europe
(Holland) to attend. After 4 years through the hard work of Dav and his team
and through the support of the Honda enthusiast in UK and Europe, we finally
have our own Uk indoor show for Honda’s


The variety of cars that DAV selected from each category was amazing. We had a 
bit of stance, bit track, and a retro mixed amongst the show attendees. Location 
wise at Glow Blue-water was perfect. The show had two floors with a show hall 
on the top level and a trading hall on the lower level. Being Medium sized venue 
in the UK it wasn’t too small or not to big but just the right sizes to kick-start a 
show that’s fresh and new that people will come back for more next show 


For a first Honda show of this size and indoor it received a tremendous 
amount of support not only from car enthusiast, but also sponsors with the likes 
of Adam Ivel with @6two1, injection imports, Autofiness who were 
the main sponsors for the awards and many others. 


Dav has plans to hold a few shows next season, one will be at a track, a little 
Chinese whisper tells me it could be Rockingham in April, another in the 
summer, and then to end show season with a show finally, at Glow in Blue-water 
Hope to enjoy the coverage of some of the best Hondas in the UK and Europe. 


Words and photo’s Ben Chan 


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