Autocon Los Angeles is an event that many car enthusiasts look forward in attending, especially those who have been working endlessly in preparing their car for the big show. This an event where you must arrive early to, because its for sure to get sold out, if guys seen how San Jose event goes you know what I’m talking about. Me (Luis-@s2k_kid) and my buddy Jhonny were among the first ones to go in so it gave me a good head start before everyone came in and made it hard to take photos. This was my first show in a while. I’ve been out for a few months, so I was really stoked to see what i have been missing. I was really blown away to see how much it has changed. I love how everyone pays attention to detail. Back then, it was mostly about getting your car low and some brand wheels. But when I was at Autocon, it went from wheels to roll cages to seats to all the small details inside the engine bay. Very very nice. Going around I bumped into a lot of friends and i caught up with them and their update of their builds. After running around and trying to beat the mob of people coming in, I finished taking all the photos, and decided to walk around again to really check out the cars. Im really content with the work I did, hope you guys enjoy it and had a great day!


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